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Which Is Easier - Automatic Or Manual? Lets Find Out

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04 June 2016

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Which Is Easier – Automatic Or Manual? Lets Find Out

Which Is Easier – Automatic Or Manual? Lets Find Out

Driving a car with automatic transmission is easier. Driving around busy towns requires constant use of the gear as you frequently stop at traffic light. So, automatic driving test can certainly be easier and usually quicker to reach test standard than manual.

Automatic Cars are very popular for a lot of people. Not having to worry about cutting out, or changing gears takes a large amount of stress out of the situation. Automatic Cars also are suitable for people with certain disabilities, as they require less physical manoeuvring.


  • Driving an automatic car is so much easier because you only have 2 pedals to focus on, accelerator and brake pedals.
  • There’s no CLUTCH so no need to worry about so less chance of stalling the engine(finding the biting point) over-revving when moving off, rolling back on a slope or steep hill or being slow when moving off.
  • No clutch means it’s easier to stop and more focus on steering and handling your car.
  • No hassle changing gears the whole time when increasing speed or reducing speed.
  • So much easier to drive so less work to do especially on longer journeys
  • They’re the ideal choice taxis or buses or people to drive for a living
  • Less requirement for use of the handbrake except on steep hills or stopped in heavy traffic.
  • Much easier to drive to quicker development of your driving and confidence hence you’ll reach driving test standard in less time and saving you money. Less need for extra driving lessons.
  • More focus on road positioning, speed and progress, observation, hazard awareness (expect the unexpected)
  • If you damage your left foot you can still drive perfectly with your right foot!
  • You can multi-task better in an automatic car, i.e eat a quick snack (please make sure you have full control of the car)
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