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Manual Vs Automatic - Which Is Better?

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10 February 2018

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Manual Vs Automatic – Which Is Better?

Manual Vs Automatic – Which Is Better?

Well they are easier to drive, but they do cost a little bit more to buy. A semi-automatic car is based on a manual car with an automatic selector so be careful of rolling back on hills. They don’t tend to be as smooth to operate like a fully automatic car, i.e moving or reversing at slow speeds.

Most people that have a full licence in an automatic car will choose to stick with an automatic car when they get older simply because they put less strain on your left leg and less to worry about.

Automatic gearboxes can be expensive to fix or replace, but the same applies to a manual gearbox.

Check out the following explanation video to better understand the Difference between an Automatic and a Manual Car.

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