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All About The Automatic Driving Test

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03 June 2016

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All About The Automatic Driving Test

All About The Automatic Driving Test

It is so much easier to drive an automatic car than a manual car for your driving test. When you pass your test in an automatic car please remember that you will be restricted to a full licence in an AUTOMATIC car only. You are not permitted to drive a manual car as a fully licensed driver unless you are accompanied by a fully licensed driver of a manual car for 2+ years…

The format is exactly the same as in a manual car. You’ll be asked the same driving test questions and signs before you begin. plus your driver tester will not know that you’re using an automatic car until he/she accompanies you to your car and sits in it for the first time.

You’ll still do the same manoeuvres such as, turnabout (3-point turn) reverse around a corner to the left, move off from a hill and you’ll be asked to demonstrate hang signals.

You’re marked accordingly on the following aspects of your driving, Road Positioning, Progress, Observation, Vehicle Controls Reaction to Hazards, Clearance to others, Use of Signals, Speed,, Giving Right of Way, Traffic Signs, Speed.

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