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General Automatic Driving Lessons

Automatic Driving Lessons

We offer single and grouped Automatic Driving Lessons in North and South Dublin.

EDT Automatic Driving Lessons

EDT Automatic Driving Lessons

We offer single EDT Automatic Lessons and the full package of 12 EDT Automatic Lessons in North and South Dublin.

Pre-Test Automatic Driving Lessons

Pre-Test Automatic Driving Lessons

Are you ready to take the Automatic Driving Test, we offer tailor made lessons which will prepare you for the big day. We have years of experience with the Finglas and Raheny Driving Centres, and offer the test routes with our pre-test lessons.

Our Courses

We offer a wide range of Automatic Driving Lessons, General lessons, EDT and Pre-test Automatic Lessons in Dublin. The prices vary depending on the amount of lessons you book, lessons available in North Dublin or South Dublin.

Our Reviews

Ian was my teacher and i passed my test from the first try. Thank you Ian for your services i will definitely recommend youu!!!!! Really happy that i got the chance to meet you and be my teacher!!! Thank you again!!

Sanda Bitca Avatar Sanda Bitca
November 28, 2018

Learning with Ian was fantastic! He stepped in at the last minute to help me pass my test and seamlessly adapted when I switched from manual to automatic! He is extremely patient and full of helpful advice, which ensured that I mastered driving skills and rules regardless of gearbox type. Aside from the lessons, Ian provided invaluable guidance and boosted my confidence before the exam. Despite the fact that I only met him for a few hours, I can tell he goes above and beyond for his students. I wholeheartedly recommend Ian to anyone looking for a fabulous driving instructor. He's fantastic at what he does, and I can't thank and recommend him enough.

Sofia Gonzalez Avatar Sofia Gonzalez
July 9, 2023

I was a very nervous driver. I had tried other instructors but they couldn't help me with my nerves. Ian was brilliant! Easy to take direction from, calming and helped rebuild my confidence. As a result I passed first time. I would highly recommend him for anyone looking for Automatic driving lessons.

Laura O Bradain Avatar Laura O Bradain
January 17, 2016

Very professional and amazing trainer. I highly recommend to take classes with him.

Prerna Chhabra Avatar Prerna Chhabra
June 9, 2023

Thank you, Ian. You were great! Great advice on things that I was not doing it right. Your help was much appreciated. Highly recommended. Safe journeys!

Lucian T Avatar Lucian T
September 16, 2023

Just passed my test on the first try thanks to Ian!! He’s incredibly thorough, patient, and makes you feel very comfortable throughout the process. So grateful for him and his lessons!

Katherine Baldwin Avatar Katherine Baldwin
October 16, 2022

I couldn't recommend Ian as an instructor highly enough. His knowledge of the test routes in Raheny is second to none and he knows exactly what to hone in on to get you ready for the driving test. Ian was very flexible to fit in pretests for me and my work schedule, and in a short space of time had me feeling confident and ready for the test. The information and practice questions on the website are exactly the prep needed for this part of the test. ...If you're sitting your test in an automatic..give Ian a call.

Sean Oflaherty Avatar Sean Oflaherty
August 9, 2021

An absolute disappointment. I reached out to their service via their platform and I got redirected to an instructor called Ola - who was nice at the beginning but then started texting in an impolite and inpatient manner. I asked very fair and simple questions which he referred back to “I explained that to you before!” not to mention his awful way of spelling which I normally wouldn’t even point out but he clearly doesn’t pay attention to how he explains things or talks to people. Passive aggressiveness shouldn’t be tolerated in this line of business..

Lizbett Gál Avatar Lizbett Gál
July 9, 2023


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    Automatic Driving Lessons Dublin

    Dublin's Favourite Automatic Driving School

    Welcome to Automatic Lessons Dublin; here, we offer the best automatic driving training across the North of Dublin – to people of all abilities. You have chosen one of the best and most highly sought-after driving schools in North Dublin for your automatic driving lessons by choosing Automatic Driving Lessons Dublin.

    I offer the best automatic driving training across North Dublin – to people of all abilities. You have chosen one of the best and most highly sought-after driving schools in North Dublin for your automatic driving lessons by choosing Automatic Driving Lessons Dublin.

    1. I will teach you how to learn to drive in a safe, step-by-step and easygoing environment.
    2. You will only be under pressure to drive straight onto the road once ready.
    Learn at a pace that suits you.
    3. Every lesson is structured in such a way as to develop your driving and continue to learn new skills each time.
    4. The most modern talk-through, demonstration techniques, and driving instruction are given with easy-to-understand language. No jargon!
    5. You’ll feel at ease from day one and find that I’ll be extremely patient but also where you can relax with a sense of fun.
    6. You’ll receive top-quality training on all elements of the driving test, such as:
    -Turnabout (3-point turn)
    – Reversing around the corner
    – Parking
    – Turning right at advanced junctions
    – Hill-start
    – Hand signals
    As well as:

    – Observations, correct positioning, correct use of speed/progress, how to show or react promptly to hazards, use of signals.
    Our experience is matched only by our easygoing personality and attention to detail, which provides exactly what you need to pass the automatic driving test.

    If you have any questions, issues, or doubts or want to get started, you can give me a call or fill in the form above, and I’ll get right back to you.

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    #1 Automatic Driving School Dublin

    Are you ready to Drive?

    Our Cars are so much easier to drive, more relaxing and are a lot less of a headache. There isn’t anything to think about such as cluch or gearstick so you will reach the required “test standard” much sooner.

    1. You’ve failed your driving test in a manual car on more than one occasion but you need your full driving licence to get around for work, college or your plan drive in another country i.e USA.
    2. There is no clutch so no need to worry about cutting out or “stalling the engine”
    3. No worries about rolling back on a hill or over-revving the engine.
    4. The gears are automatic so no need to worry about what gear to use.
    5. You won’t hold up traffic when moving off from traffic lights once you accelerate enough.
    6. More concentration on the road ahead: react to possible hazards (expect the enexpected) observation turning left and right, road position, use of mirrors, speed/progress for the road conditions and steering.
    7. Because there is no clutch you predominantly will only use your right foot so you can rest your left foot (recommended)
    8. You can drive the car perfectly with your right foot if your left foot is injured unlike a manual car. I once was in a taxi where the taxi driver only had 1 leg!

    The best Automatic Driving School in Dublin

    Why learn in an Automatic Car

    There are many reasons people choose to learn in an Automatic Car

    • 20 years driving experience
    • 95+% Pass Rate at Finglas and Raheny test centres
    • Over 10 years as an instructor
    • 8 years as an RSA-ADI Instructor
    • Feel safe with “Safety First driving school”
    • Top quality websites
    • Best and most modern training car
    • Professional image and reliable service
    • Extremely patient and easygoing
    • Competitive pricing structure and generous discounts given

    Let me introduce myself, my name is Ian Daly, I’m the proud owner of Safety First Driving School and Automatic Driving Lessons Dublin.

    I spent a long time learning to drive as a total beginner. But now with 20 years driving experience and an RSA -ADI instructor since 2008, you’ve come to the best place to book your automatic driving lessons in North and North County Dublin areas.

    My aim to you:
    “To provide you with the best quality automatic driving lessons in North Dublin and North County Dublin”

    Based in Dublin 13 but I cover all areas in North Dublin.

    Dublin 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, 11, 13, 15, 17

    I specialise in helping you pass your driving test in Finglas and Raheny test centres. I don’t cover South Dublin at the moment but I will do in the near future.

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    We are very proud of our average pass rate of 95%. We know everyone can have a bad day, and fail the test, but with our dedicated tuition, we will have you calm, confident and ready. Remember that if you “fail to prepare, prepare to fail”. Our experience will guide you, and give you the training you need to pass the test. Join our list of happy successful drivers today!

    Have a look at our promotional video here.

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    June 5

    Long Term benefits – Automatic vs Manual

    Long Term benefits - Automatic vs Manual

    June 6

    So, What Is The Best Small Automatic Car?

    This can depend on your individual choice or needs plus obviously your budget. The spec or space in a car that you prefer might take preference over the make and model that you decide to go for.Like anything else, test drive different cars and see what you like.

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    Manual Vs Automatic – Which Is Better?

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    March 1

    COVID19 Update – Automatic Driving Lessons Dublin

    We have to follow the guidelines outlined in the Government "roadmap to getting Ireland back to work" I have to ensure that myself as well as my pupils and their families will be as safe as possible.


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    With over 20 years driving experience, and 95% Pass Rate at Finglas and Raheny test centres, Automatic Lessons Dublin is your best option.

    Value for Money

    We offer a Competitive pricing structure and ensure we continuously offer generous discounts to our Pupils.

    Welcome to Automatic Lessons Dublin. Our school has over 20 years experience helping pupils pass the Automatic Driving Test.

    12 Automatic EDT Lessons price from


    Official EDT Course

    Calm, safe lessons

    Lessons in Instructors Car

    COVID Prepared

    Approved ADI Instructor

    6 Automatic EDT Lessons price from


    Official EDT Course

    Calm, safe lessons

    Lessons in Instructors Car

    COVID Prepared

    Approved ADI Instructor

    1 hr Pre-Test & Car Hire price from


    Prepare to pass the test

    Calm, safe lessons

    Lessons in Instructors Car

    COVID Prepared

    Approved ADI Instructor


    Please note, we are not responsible for incorrect pricing on our website, please confirm the final price with the instructor

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