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COVID19 Update

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01 March 2022

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COVID19 Update – Automatic Driving Lessons Dublin

COVID19 Update – Automatic Driving Lessons Dublin

For personal and professional reasons I’ve decided to take double vaccinated pupils ONLY. Please get a booster vaccine also if you’ve had COVID19 and over 6 months since your second vaccine.
This is a new policy and  not to discriminate against any individual. The number of COVID19 cases are still high and still a concern in society. I’ve taken the decision to take NEW as well as  existing clients who are fully vaccinated ONLY. I hope your respect my right as I respect yours if you choose not to get vaccinated.
You will be asked to show your COVID19 CERTIFICATE at the first lesson.
It is asked that you still wear a face mask or covering during each lesson and you sanitise your hands before your lesson also. Hand sanitiser and face masks are provided if you don’t have or forget your own.
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